Will 3-year colleges make the grade?


Posted by Ryan DeVito on 30 July 2018

Four years worth of tuition can be a daunting proposition to a high school senior. Now, though, some colleges are transitioning to 3-year bachelor degrees. Is the quality of a fast-track education on par with the traditional four-year college experience?

This article summarizes the new trend in higher education. Reduced cost is the primary driver for the shortened academic timeline, but some in higher education are skeptical about the quality of a hurried college career. Having graduated with a bachelor's degree in three years myself, though, I can assure you that the accelerated pace never leaves you wanting. Europeans have utilized a three-year higher education format for decades. Yes, graduating from college in three years cuts short your social timeline and can add stress when it comes to completing coursework, but students who are willing and able to pursue an accelerated education should challenge themselves accordingly.

What do you think of the 3-year college trend? We would love to hear your thoughts below.