Wisdom for a fruitful college search


Posted by Ryan DeVito on 17 March 2018

Selecting a college is a personal decision. Your college search shouldn't start with rankings and brand names, but with some self-reflection. Two easy steps in your college search could help you make the best choice.

"Know thyself." That is the wisdom of both Socrates and Wendy David-Gaines, a college prep examiner from New York. Knowing yourself means taking an inventory of your skills, accomplishments, curiosities, and goals. Starting your college search with introspection could save you a lot of disappointment and struggle later on. After that, and before you begin your college search, David-Gaines recommends sweeping the internet to "know your reputation." Do want your college search to go off without a hitch? Read more in David-Gaines' article here.

Are you taking time to "know thyself" before starting your college search? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.