Words you should use in your college essay


Posted by Ryan DeVito on 11 August 2018

Admissions counselors pore over thousands of essays each year. A new company aims to make it easier for students to understand what their admissions counselor is looking for in an essay. Might you want to revise some of your word choices?

Check out this Business Insider article. The article introduces AdmitSee, a startup that has compiled essays of admitted students for new applicants to review. The benefit: students can understand which keywords are likely to resonate with their admissions counselor. Of course, different schools have different precedents. Harvard, for example, tends to admit students who have more negative words in their essay than rival Stanford, which tends to admit students with more positive themes and word choices. Each school is also looking for a slightly different approach to the Common App prompts. AdmitSee will be great tool for students who aspire to attend elite institutions that can afford to take a magnifying glass to every essay.

How will AdmitSee change the way you write your college essay? We would love to hear your comments below.