It only takes a minute to set up your college timeline.

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Inspiring training videos

My College Timeline is a totally modern e-learning platform. It includes over 100 training videos to make your college preparation fun and effective.

A complete set of college prep tools

Do everything you need right in My College Timeline — track your grades, find great schools, and even manage your college applications!

All within a fun and easy-to-use app

My College Timeline is set up like a game that you play. When you're playing, you'll be eager to "level up" and get to the next stage. And when you're winning in the game, you're doing a great job of planning for college!

Think of it as the "game of college prep".
And you're going to win.

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Use the training videos to get an edge  

Use the timeline to track your progress  

Use the dashboard to track your performance 


So remember...

When it comes to going to college:

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