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Frequently asked questions

    • How much does it cost?

      My College Timeline is completely free for all students, families and counselors.
    • How do I start using it?

      When a student invites you to connect to their timeline, they will designate you as their counselor. Once you connect to the first student's timeline, you will then have been "verified" as a professional school counselor. This means that you'll be able to see multiple students' timelines whenever you log into My College Timeline (any student from your school that invites you to connect to their timeline).
    • How do I get my students to start using My College Timeline? Is it a major hassle?

      It couldn’t be any easier. Simply send out a message to your students (via email or paper) letting them know that your school is now using My College Timeline to make college planning easier and less stressful. Advise them to go to and set up a free account, and then to set up their own timeline (which takes just a few minutes). Once they set up their timeline, they will be prompted by the app to invite you (their counselor) to connect to their timeline. Make sure you let the students know what email address they should use when inviting you to connect to their timelines (it should be the same one that you use to log in to your My College Timeline account). The net result? You can get dozens (or hundreds!) of students set up by just sending out one short email.
    • Will using My College Timeline add to my workload?

      No! In fact, it will significantly reduce your workload by streamlining your college guidance efforts (as you can see in the video above).
    • Can I monitor a student's progress toward college — and convince the student and family that I'm truly interested in them?

      Yes, you can use the School Edition to easily communicate with your students and their families about college planning, track their progress, and provide advice and support along the way.
    • Will this assist me in obtaining timely college information without visiting lots of colleges each year? I can’t visit because I have family obligations and my district will not pay for traveling costs.

      Yes, My College Timeline includes constantly-updated information about 4,000 colleges and universities in the United States.
    • Will I have immediate and free support as needed?

      Yes, phone and web support is provided for free.
    • Will I have to attend numerous training sessions?

      No. In fact, there are no training sessions required at all. Just watch the short explainer videos on this website, sign up, and get started instantly. It's that easy.
    • I am not computer savvy, will I be able to use this system?

      Yes, it's really easy to use -- no training is even required.
    • Will I have to teach a class in order for all my students to use My College Timeline?

      No. Just send a message out to your students to have them go to and set up their college timelines. The site is so easy to use that they'll train themselves within just a few minutes.
    • Can I use the videos and lessons included in My College Timeline for public information sessions?

      Yes! And you can do this for free. Or you could invite us to bring a live college counseling seminar to your school. Often times the cost for this is underwritten by the school's PTA.
    • Will my Director and District support me in having all my students use this worthwhile, time saving product?

      When districts see the power of My College Timeline -- and how effective it is in preparing their students for college -- they can often get very, very excited at the results. This can lead to expanding the use of My College Timeline throughout the district.
    • Will this product help to demonstrate my competency as a counselor, when it comes to college guidance? Can I showcase it in my annual performance review?

    • Are the resources on My College Timeline timely, and are they kept current?

      Yes, the algorithm that powers My College Timeline is constantly updated, as is the information that goes into it.
    • This all sounds too good to be true. Why is it free? What's the catch?

      There is no catch. My College Timeline is free because we're funded by generous sponsors, who underwrite our ongoing work to build and develop this app, and to bring it to millions of students for free.   And since we're funded in this way, we don't need to sell student's personal information to generate revenues — like the other free college planning apps that are out there. We keep all user data under lock and key using the most advanced encryption methods available. This means you can be confident in recommending this tool to your students, knowing that their privacy is protected and we will never sell or share their personal information with third parties.