For School Districts

Upgrade to the District Edition to unleash the true power of My College Timeline

Key Features

Powerful reporting and analytics

The District Edition has a powerful set of analytics tools, so you'll have true insights into how your district's students are doing when it comes to college prep. You can run reports about things like students completing a college prep curriculum, students taking AP classes, college application rates, college acceptance rates, scholarship awards, and breakdowns of college majors. You can even create custom reports to track the metrics that are most important to your district.

Store your students' data on your own servers, not in the cloud

Some school districts feel most comfortable storing all their students' data on their own servers, rather than in the cloud. If this sounds familiar, then the District Edition is the solution. When you use it, the application servers are run from the cloud (using Amazon Web Services) but all the data is stored on your servers, behind your firewall.

Be FERPA compliant

When you use the District Edition and store your own data, this means that you're not disclosing any student data to any third party companies. That means you don't have the hassles (or huge workloads) of seeking approval for the release of each type of data from the various stakeholders involved. This also means that you are completely FERPA compliant when you're using My College Timeline, because you're not disclosing any data to third party companies.

Easy integration via API

The integration of the District Edition is completely self-service, as it comes with a simple API that is provided to your district's IT team. They simply create a folder on the district's existing servers, where all data is stored, and the API points to this folder. So the integration takes just minutes, and doesn't require costly or time-consuming custom integration work. It really couldn't be any easier.

The price for the District Edition is just $2 per student in your district (paid each year in an annual license).
This makes it the most cost effective college counseling software available!